Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 10 Places I would Live...

I have only ever lived in Alabama (except for 3 short months in KC in high school), but I often dream of what it would be like to live in other places. Our Pops calls it 'feeding the rabbits' in reference to Of Mice and Men, which I like. In thinking about a top 10, I am surprised at just how picky I am when it comes to places I could call home. Granted, I could live just about anywhere with a lake and a mountain view. I can see myself a city girl and a country girl, as well as a small town girl. But, when I have to pick some dream locales for me, it is difficult to think of anywhere else I would actually love to live besides Alabama. I love my state. I think it's beautiful, the people are good and predictable, and its simple and slow-paced for the most part (which is something I value more everyday). But, just in case someone ever forces me to choose somewhere else, here's what I'm thinking...

10. Some European Historical...London, for example. I could feel like I lived in the center of the world somewhere like that. Madrid, Paris, etc. I am pretty sure I could look at the architecture and history surrounding me every day and not get tired of it. I could give it a try anyway

9. Somewhere European country setting, say Tuscany. In my mind, even the dirt is beautiful over there.

8. The hermit part of me thinks I could wake up looking at the horizon in Montana and not be too upset. I love to fish, so I think I could give the rainbow trout a run for their money.

7. Strangely enough, if you ask my mother, family, and friends where I always wanted to move to growing up, it was Boston. We grew up going to New York, which I loved but always knew it would swallow me whole or make me phobic of something, so Boston somehow seemed comparable and even better. I get the Brownstones plus the history and a little more space. I still have never been to Boston, but in my mind, it has everything a city girl needs.

6. Okay. Finally we embark on reality as we enter my domain...the south. And speaking of architecture and history. Have you been to Charleston? Its got it all! The beauty, the charm, the history (the pricetag), the small town feel with everything you need going on, the art, the ghosts... Ah, just show me the money, and I'm there.

6. Have I ever mentioned that I love Dolly Parton? Funny, but true. And if theres one thing she and I have in common, its our chest size (hehe) and our love of the Tennessee Smokey mountains. Mountain view (check), Wide open spaces (check), beauty (check), and right in the heart of the south (check). The cons would be the football team, although orange is growing on me these days, and the fact that it gets a little lonesome. Thats why there is a #6 tie between a Tennesse mountain farm and Charleston.

4. But an Alabama farm, now thats a different story. There is just too big a smile that comes to my face when I think about my boys running free, learning to drive a tractor, and riding horses into the sunset. Right now today, being a country girl sounds more appealing than being a city girl. Now, send me back to Charleston and I might change my mind, but atleast here in Alabama I get to keep my family close by, and theres just no price tag you can put on that.

3. But, I do love Chattanooga! Its got the city, but also the mountains and the river! There's also the fact that my youngest son asks me every day, "when are we going to go back to Rock City?" homes in alabama, but it's only like a 3 hour drive back to Bham, and somehow, it just feels like it wants to be my home.

2. Birmingham is not my favorite city in the world, but I do like it an awful alot, plus this is where I find all those people that really make a place home. But, since this wonderful city has kinda been chosen for me, wouldn't it be nice, God, if I could live in the most beautiful part of it (again)...Mt. Brook. English Village to be exact. That way, I could atleast pretend I live somewhere exciting. ;)

Because that was a bit of harsh humor, I just wanted to mention that where I live is great too...
Absolutely great. Really. And I would miss it terribly if I ever went anywhere else. Don't you think?

1. My dreams are elsewhere. My homes in Alabama. My heads in Bham, but I left my heart somewhere an hour north. My home town. Cullman. How funny is it knowing that I couldn't wait to get out of there, there's no reason I want to be there, and yet every time I drive through downtown, my heart aches with the old dreams of raising my babies right there in that place. Oh. If I could just get my heart to behave. I gotta stop listening to those damn country songs.

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