Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just got in with new ideas and inspiration!

The Thompson's just got in from a wonderful vacation at the beautiful Logan Martin Lake. It was close to home, but far enough away to leave everything behind. The boys were crazy about the lake, nature, and the wildlife. The home was beautiful!!! And best of all, free! We played a little house swap with a friend's mom, which is totally the way to go. No guilt, just building memories with family!
The only thing I would change about the trip was to make the lake home MINE!!! :) I am really not good at taking vacations. I sit down to plan a trip and instead of going to expedia, I go to realtysouth's website. I don't know. I know that building memories with family is an investment in and of itself, but I would just rather not throw money away on hotels, gas, or airfare. So, perhaps the Thompsons aren't big on proper vacations, but we do hope to use all that saving on a proper recreational investment one day.
Here's our latest ideas and inspirations in the way of vacation homes as of late:
Blake and I are not beach people. Our dream vacation home is on a lake, farm, or mountain. And how about the Clayton i-House for a home option. Eco- (and wallet) friendly, it's not too hard on the eyes either.

And, did you know that there is a revolution going on? People living in smaller homes.
documents the ins and outs of this fad in home style:

This is a cool tiny home community in Seattle

Idaho tiny house

Tiny house in the trees in British Columbia

Mike's Tiny house on wheels

Tiny modern in France

Stay tuned for Future Tiny homes and trailer conversions in the future...

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Chassidy Bednarz said...

Tiny houses are really getting popular around the world. I won't be surprised if I see a village occupied with tiny houses one day. I smile every time I think of the idea – everyone living simply. That would be cool, right?

Chassidy Bednarz