Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I might have figured out in 2008

I would say for the most part- 2008 flew by faster than I could say 'whoa'. It was not the most certain year. I'm not gonna lie.

Like any good woman, I like to have a plan and know that I am checking things off of my list, but in 2008, God was not so willing to give me any advances. Just rest. Just detox. Just be. So that's what I did.

I totally (well, I say totally as if there are any absolutes, which there aren't, but I digress) UNpacked in 2008. I poured my heart into my home and my family, and by the end of it, people started to come around again. And what they found was a family solid in their love for one another. A family who had been tested and one who had learned what they believe and feel about the world around (a little more than they did before anyway). A family who is more comfortable with 'wait' and 'grow'.
But now that it's easier to just be and not worry about what ought to be, and not worry so much about changing and be-coming(just be-ing). Here are the top 10 things I definitely figured out in 2008:

10. People are selfish no matter what. Stop trying to change that and start just expecting it...and love them anyway. But, most of all, stop taking it personally!

9. I can be unique without being totally original. It's okay. I don't have to be the first person who has ever had a thought. And it's okay, because most likely, I won't be. Normal. Common. Typical. These are not bad words. These are generally healthy descriptives. So, for those of us who thought we would be something more than what we are, we are okay, and we are exaclty where we should be.

8. I actually do like to read, but mostly novels. Self-help and Christian non-fiction make me feel like I need to change (or be-come).

7. Simply. It's gotta come from the heart if you want it to work. So if you don't have you're heart into it, you need to either get it that way or don't do it. Of course, there is the argument 'fake it til you make it,' but that generally doesn't work for me. I just fake it until I develop a general grudge, or guilt.

6. God is nearby and loves to show me in fun little ways. He is really quite a funny guy/gal/infinate being thing. I figured out that my sometimes bizarre emotions are not always a bad thing. In fact, they are a part of my gifting to intuit and discern. So, sometimes, carefully, I need to go with it.

5. My children are all so different, not just in the texture of their hair. My oldest boy loves his La La Land. My middle boy is sly and clever. And my youngest gets his attention through comedy.

4. The television may zap their brains just a little, but it's not going to kill them, like I might kill me without it. A little dust never killed anyone either. And that last sentence is a much bigger deal than it looks like it would be. After all, I am Mendi's daughter and Johnnie's grandaughter.

3. I'm so done having kids, but not puppies!

2. I am a morning person! Truely. My morning coffee and 'me' time is the key to a successful day. Now to just figure out what part of my day I can successfully exercise. Ugh!

1. My husband does not do everything intentionally! Hmmm. What a revelation. And even more of a revelation for him when he figured out that I thought that. It's amazing what a little acknowledgement of weakness will do. Meditate on that one cowboys and cowgirls.

So, Raise your glass to 2009! Here's to what will be!
Here's my favorite quote so far for this year that I heard last night in the movie 'Waitress'. It came from Cal when Jenna asked him if he was happy, he said...

I'm happy enough. I don't expect much. I don't ask much. I don't get much. I generally enjoy whatever comes up. That's my truth. Summed up for your feminine judgement. I'm happy enough. Why do you ask?

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