Tuesday, January 13, 2009



I have mentioned before, several times, that I love the smell of freshly bathed and lotioned babies, but I swear it never makes the same impact as when they have been bathed by the love of their wonderful grandmothers. Granna uses a great lotion and always warms them up with the blow dryer after they get out of the tub. The result is a baby smell that is just simply magical. Arni uses another kind of amazing smelling baby lotion, but combined with the smell of her freshly laundered (usually footed) pajamas, the smell of babies home from Arni's after bathtime is a smell that will stay with me forever.
There is no doubt that every grandmotherly ritual my children experience comes from a place of the most beautiful love, and I am so blessed to say that my children could not have done better in that department. They will forever know that they were always loved deeply and sacrificially by their grandmothers.

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