Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Got in! It's Late, but I have a certain crooner on my mind...

I just got in from the Michael Buble concert with my wonderful amazing friend of 16 years, Cassie...and I cannot blog about it fast enough. It was probably my favorite concert ever! He was so funny, so sexy, and, um, can kinda, ya know... SING! And
some of my favorite jazz songs too! What could be better?
I took the above picture with my phone, so it's not great, but here's a good one:

And, is it just me or doesn't he look an awful lot like one of my other all time fave faces, Joshua Jackson:

Oh well...That's enough of silly celebrity butterflies. I'm off to get in the bed with my real heartthrob! ;)


Blake said...

Heartthrob? So who exactly did you sleep with last night? :)

Brook said...

you skupid!