Thursday, October 16, 2008

i heart Church (when church is a verb, and the nouns are real relationships)

Sometimes I think about what it means that in my family we are kindof revolutionaries (atleast in our area) in that we don't "go to church" (the noun), we just practice church (the verb). Atleast, we work towards it, and it looks different than most here in our beloved Bible belt. I don't think anything is wrong with either schools of thought. In fact, time and time again, the Lord has proved himself present in both circumstances. But for us, this way feels the most simple, most relational, and most like the examples of early churches established in the first century. I found a picture of an example of an early church meeting:

A home meeting in New Testament times. Since the meetings were interactive and took place in homes, participants probably sat in a circle instead of rows.
Isn't that cool? So, that's the goal for me. Check out the dear people I love who I call "church"...

service project

"breaking bread" together (one of our favorite things)


Blake said...

ROCK ON!!! Just one more reason why we are lobsters.

Brook said...

Robsters (like Reagie would say).