Friday, August 15, 2008

Starting School...

Apparently, the oldest son of Blake Thompson has found a way to be a school stand-out 3 days in (Why am I so psurprised?).

School started Tuesday and last night the parents and faculty of our 200+ student lower school gathered in a full room for an Open House. The principal stood and was addressing many issues regarding the year, the number one concern being carpool. She asked that we please continue working with our children on their numbers, that even some 5th graders were having trouble responding. Then she announces that, although she never likes to single anyone out, she has to mention one kindergartener who wins the award of "best at carpool." As she mimics the cuteness of #81, and the crowed laughs and cheers, I hear Elijah Thompson's name. A redness of both pride and embarrassment shoot over me as I realize, THat's MY Son!! For the rest of the night (and possibly the school year) we were refferred to as, "Hey! 81!"

Way to go Lijah Lucy! You are already off to a great school year!

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