Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Things I love about Zion

I am spending the weekend with my 3rd born. My baby. Just the two of us. He is very much a typical third born, but there is so much that makes him unique. Here are 10 things I love about Zion:

1.) He smiles with his eyes. He has sweet little bubbly facial features, but when he smiles, he squints his see-through emerald eyes and lights up the whole room.

2.) The way he feels when he lays his head on my shoulder. I love this with all my children, but Zion definately does it the most often. He is also so funny when he holds me so tight that I can let my hands go and he doesn't move an inch. There's no doubt he loves his Mama.

3.) Okay, he has this thing he does that's hard to explain but it's when he's being silly. He lifts his hands in karate blades above his face and rocks back and forth like he's being a threat. Really, he's just being adorable.

4.) Peepee-tatter? Hlip Hlops? My diaper bout to "lick"? "I very not wanna do that..."? And the way he will have no trouble learning Spanish as a second language because he's got the tongue roll thing down pat. He's very creative with words.

5.) Sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't but it's always classic ZZ to say: "I don't want that" followed by a long pause and then a, "maybe I do."

6.)He is madly in love with his brothers and immulates and follows their every step. For example, Elijah has this look he makes when he's thinking and now Zion does it: He cocks his head to the side, puts his finger on his chin and squints one eye and says "Hmmm...Maybe...". Also, he has picked up Judah's coffee drinking habit, so I have two coffee buddies and one who can't stand the nearness of the stuff.

7.)The fact that he's not even 3 and he's been potty trained almost a year. He just did it on his own too. What a joy they are to raise when they make your life easier.
8.)He loves to pray and he always starts out the same way: Thank you, God. Thank you...
9.)He loves to joke and play tricks.
10.)I like this now. Probably one day, not so much, but... He loves being the baby. If we are in public playing with other children, he will find a nurturing little girl and grab her hand and let her play 'Baby' the whole time. His brothers will get mad if you call them baby. They are "big boys." But Zion, if his brothers have just declared themselves the big boys, will look at me with pride and say: "I the baby."

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