Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some things I love that you might be surprised to learn...

1. I am right brained, so, of course, I love anything creative and artistic. Blake and I steal the Dirty Dancing line all the time that "He will change the world and I will decorate it." But I do. I love decorating and interior design, I love photography and visual arts, I love scrapbooking, painting, coloring, writing, etc.

2. I love quiet. I am not one of those people who needs background noise. I can sit contently in silence and type or read a book. In fact, this is one of my main complaints about living in a house with 4 noisy boys. There is just never a quiet moment.
3. I love hair, and people who do hair, hairstyles, hair fashion. It's totally an ART! Secretly, I can see myself going to cosmotoglgy school just so I can hang out with a bunch of catty women in a salon and be creative with hair. Any time I get to hang out with my friends daughters, that's the first thing I do is go get a brush and a bunch of little hair toys. So fun! I have spent my life being very brave with my own styles. I have probably been every color, length, and style imaginable...except extentions, but who has $1200 laying around to spend twice a year on HAIR

4. Musicals/Broadway. This has been a long time obsession. Some of my faves are: Rent, Mama Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Smokey Joes Cafe,

5. Tattoos. Apparently, my art obsession knows no bounds, and I especially have an appreciation for people who express art even on their bodies. Kat Von D is my idol! I have a small one for myself, my husband has 2 large, but at that I feel like such a poser...I need more.

6. Ebay. IT's my automatic shopping go-to. I am just amazed every time I log on and not only find what I am looking for, but usually find it for 99 cents. That's amazing!
7. Trees. One of my favorite things about living in Alabama has always been the trees. Not only that, they are just beautiful (there is no way for a tree not to be beautiful...even when it's dead). The symbolism of trees goes back to Adam and Eve. So...anyway...I have a thing for trees.
8. Vintage and Antiques. I inherited this gene from my grandmother who lives in an antique museum. I just love a piece (be it garment or furniture) that has had experiences and is quality enough to still be around living today.
9. The smell of freshly bathed babies. There's just something about that soft skin all lubed up with baby lotion and that wet hair snuggled about against you that makes motherhood magical.
10. I don't think I could ever pull it off, but I also have to admire the glamorous burlesque style such as that of Dita Von Teese. Very cool.

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Blake said...

I am not surprised by any of those things...come on...where's the juicy stuff :)

You rock!!!