Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Rock Wall

My current client, Lauren, is truly a dream client.   She has become a friend, and personal heroine too, but that's another story.   In her home, everything I suggest, she loves, is game for it, and trusts me 100 percent.  Where do you get that in life?  Seriously, this chick is awesome.  
So, when I was painting her living room this summer, and the notion struck me to do a rock wall, she was all like, do it!  Baffled, but excited, I asked Lauren if she would run down to the Piggly Wiggly (ha ha, snort, snort) to nab me about a 100 bags or so...and... we were off.

Here was my thought process: I was working with dry wall mud and spackle and looked over at that lovely, naked arch, and thought, what if I made that a rock wall like in old Provincial European homes?  I could totally use this stuff, and paper bags! 

   Unfortunately, I found out quickly that the bags were not going to work.  They were too soft and flimsy.  But, also lying around were tons of cardboard boxes from her move.  Chopping one of those bad boys up was just the ticket.  
Then I broke out the liquid nails and the rest is history.  
Check it out:    

The cool thing about it is that it's nor just a faux rock wall like you would see in wallpaper.  Even standing right up on it, it really looks like rocks!

A few quotes from Lauren's guests:

"Hey! Cool rock wall! Is that the reason you bought this house?" -M.H.

"That's awesome.  It's amazing how it really looks real." -Beenie

"I love the rock wall!  What? It's not real?" -D.M.

"That wall is really awesome!" -the AT&T guy

So, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you, Lauren for trusting me through the long, arduous process in times when it didn't look so good and in times when it did, in times when it got a little messy, and in times when I had to keep sending you away for more spackle and liquid nails.  This is one I am proud to have in my portfolio.

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