Monday, August 22, 2011

School begins

It's an exciting time of year for everyone when school starts back.  The structure, the organization, the routine, the expectation, the standard, the achievement, the challenge, the call to excellence.  You know, all those things little soldiers need.
And, mom gets to get the house straightened and organized again.  But, the reward of a few hours of quiet each day are well worth it.  Aahh.  Lovely silence.  

My youngest, Zion, is starting kindergarten.
That means one. two. three kids are in school.  Done.  Check.  I made it!!!!!
I hate to sound so excited, but I have started to find that every year of motherhood gets more and more sweet.  Seeing that skinny little squirt dawn a uniform and discover his gig line.  Knowing that his mind is about to blow up like a balloon.  That's what dreams are made of, man.  

At this very moment, we are one week in, and everything has gone swimminly.  {Except for those few moments where Judah got a yellow slip because he thinks he is the teacher and can answer all the questions...Ah, that independent, over-confident second born}.  Great teachers.  Exciting hopes.  An officially organized and ready house as of last night.  Backpacks stocked and ready on the back of breakfast chairs.  Pencils sharpened.  And, I am off to fix lunches.    

Wishing all a great day and a great week!!  Here's to the smell of fall just above the air.

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Jamie Grizzle said...

Love the way you organized their school clothes! Such a great idea!