Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top 3 people I want to say THANKS to this week...

I have been thinking for some time that I want to use my blog to thank people in my world who I don't tell enough, but couldn't live without. I feel like I say thank you a lot, but for some reason, saying thanks just isn't always enough. So I hope to periodically post it here how much you mean to me for the whole world to see.

It's only appropote that my #1 thanks on my #1 'thanks' blog goes to my #1! My best friend. We have rarely left each other's side in the last 9 years, know everything about each other, and love each other more now than we ever have. No matter what, we will always be. I can't even start to name all I want to thank him for, but he knows already, thankfully.

2.)Thanks to you for thinking my children hung the moon. Being such a vital part of the village raising them. Helping us make sure they not only receive the best education Birmingham has to offer, but also win their very first fund raisers, and do it in style, wearing the best looking things from GAP and Landsend. Thanks for helping us keep them safe on the road and in a comfy bed every night. Thanks for singing them songs and telling them stories. For everything, thanks.

Thank you for being the person in my life who has known me the longest and still calls me every day. Thank you that I can always be honest with you, and you always love me anyway. Thank you for thinking I am the funniest human alive even though, clearly, I am not. Thank you for letting me be your baby doll and treating me beautiful while we play dress up. Thank you for being such an amazing grandmother treating my babies as if your very next breath depends on their happiness. Thank you for being the most sacrificial person I have ever known always giving, but also teaching me to take care of myself, and when we fail, still just giving, giving, giving.


Blake said...

You are too sweet. Many thanks in return!

Amanda said...

Awe, that's the sweetest thing. I never new that's how you felt. I love that you love me so much. what a wonderful legacy to leave and I never realized I was so giving. YOu make me want to be a better person and I am so proud of this blog and that you created it all. I love you, Mama