Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Props to My People

Okay, the love is bubbling over again, and I have to tell my three best gal pals how much I love and adore them. Stephanie, Rachael and Cassie...You complete me. haha. Actually, it is so funny. I was the American dream exemplified not too long ago, except that I didn't have a posse. And now you people have wiggled your way into my life, and I finally have a crew of my own.
But these three women inspire and excite me so much because they are truly amazing! Beyond amazing. Just let me be cheezy just a frickin minute please and tell the world what makes you crazies so damn cool...

1. Steph. I know you think I only love you for your body, but really, there are so many other reasons too. You really can tell a story like no body's dang business. And, really, I laugh just thinking about your laugh...and the way you make me laugh. You always know great places to go on vacation or go explore, you are my sister in desperate punctuality, laid-back-ness, and you know how to just sit and hang out better than anybody. One thing I love to hate about you is that you are so dang smart. I just freaking can't keep up. And one thing I hate to love is that you could debate with a wall and have it questioning whether it's really a wall or not. See, too dang smart.
World, here's what you need to know about my girl Stephanie: She's the beautiful girl in the center of the room being the life of the party, making everyone laugh with all her fun stories, making every guy want her because her idea of fun is making a fire in the middle of nowhere looking like the Au natural granola girl with the do rag on her head after she just shot a bear or something outdoorsy like that...But at home, she's the picture of strength, taking everything in stride (whether it's big stuff like finding out your unexpectedly pregnant with twins...or the small stuff, like welcoming in the friends that show up at 9pm for some conversation and a sit, while your single-handedly trying to get the boys fed, bathed, and in bed.) You may not can lift the bar in the gym, but, girl, you are strong as an ox on the inside, and I love love love love love you.

2. Rae. You have become closer than a sister. I can share stuff with you like I can no one else because, with you, there is no such things as shallow. If it ain't deep and it ain't personal, then it ain't anything worth anythang. Because of that, you challenge me, inspire me, mellow me, teach me, learn from me, make me laugh, make me cry, and make me dance, which is what life is anyway, right?
World, here's what you need to know about Rachael. She is the wild, beautiful, fun, artist who knows everything there is to know about art and life and dance and culture and celebration and community. And what she can't explain, she just lives. She can make a thrift store tshirt look like Armani and give it an equally fashionable name to go along with it. Her house is the hang out because she has a way of making people family the first time they come over, and she puts people before stuff. And even though, sometimes she's messy (her hair, her kitchen, whatever) it's in that great way that makes you feel more comfortable to be who you are because you know you have just come into contact with someone who is individual, confident, free, and beautiful, so you can be that way too. One warning for those of you who have a Rachael in your can be yourself with her and feel free and have fun, just be careful going out with her, because she will be the one that everyone is staring at.

3. Cass. One of my oldest friend. We hit it off early, like the very day you moved to Cullman in the 8th grade, we became best friends. I love you for being my little firecracker. Seriously you have more energy than a protein bar, and you always motivate and encourage me whether we're running or parenting or growing in faith. And speaking of encourager. You are the encourager. Literally, I know no one who can give and receive compliments with such sincerity and depth like you do.
World, here's what you need to know about Cassie. She's the hot as fire ball of energy who likes to keep things analyzed and practical. If you need something done, she will get it done, or help you get it done, with a smile on your face, feeling like you just conquered the world. She will be your most sincere teacher, coach, or student depending on the phase of life, and hold your hand if you just need a good cry. She is amazing at telling you exactly what is on her mind and doesn't hold back, but also keeps things positive, graceful, and eloquent. World, if you don't have a Cassie in your life, you need to run out and find one.

Anyway, I don't know how a silly little girl like me got to be friends with all you very cool folks, but I am touched... no...moved... no... honored to have been adopted by ya'll and call you now family. Just amazing. Each one of you add such fruit to my life. Yummy, tasty, healthy, strong fruit. Like a pomegranate or a cranberry or something. You get the point, which is, I LOVE YOU!!

More pics of my posse...

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