Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Design Inspiration for this Room


Here's my sunroom:

Here's some design ideas:
How about some beams to the ceiling:

How about a little something on the windows:
#1 with a more neutral rug, of course


or #3 nothing fancy but they give that softness I am looking for.

#4 love that chandelier too

Speaking of chandelier. Do I need one?


Honestly, I am sick of the green, which always happens with me and green, I don't know why I keep choosing it. I gotta quit, but anyway. I have been in love with blue and brown for a while now.

This is a great coffee table and is more in keeping with the size of my room. I also have considered getting rid of the green on the trim and painting the floor. Yes, seriously.

The sofa in my sunroom picture that you can see all of is actually for sale (if anyone is interested let me know). Another couch has been given to us that looks better with the green, but it has to be recovered. Color and fabric thoughts:

AND I would love to see a pergola outside that sunroom door. Lovely!

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